Correcting for bias in hot hand analysis: An application to youth golf (Journal of Economic Psychology, 2018) - with Christopher Cotton, Frank McIntyre, Ardyn Nordstrom, and Joseph Price

Working Papers

It Takes a Village: The Impact of Community Mobilization Campaigns on Attitudes and Education (former job market paper—link

Impact of a Severe Drought on Education: More Schooling Does Not Imply More Learning (link) - with Christopher Cotton [Revise and Resubmit requested]

Information and Engagement Campaigns in Support of Girls' Education Increase Math Performance and Enrolment (link) — with Christopher S. Cotton, Jordan Nanowski, and Eric Richert [Revise and Resubmit requested]

Pedal-Powered Progress: Evaluating Multidimensional Girls' Education Programs with Optimal Full Matching (link)— with Christopher S. Cotton, Zachary Robb [Submitted]

Using Images as Covariates: Measuring Curb Appeal with Deep Learning (link) - with Morgan Nordstrom and Matthew D. Webb 

Understanding Education Outcomes in Zimbabwe: A Machine Learning Approach to Informing Program and Evaluation Design (working paper available upon request)

Trade, poverty, and food security: A survey with implications for East Africa (link) — with Huw Lloyd-Ellis

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